Now and then we have to make quick decisions when we are at our most vulnerable. But planning ahead can protect us from being too exposed when the inevitable happens. For example having a list of the most reputable locksmiths in your area can come handy when you lose your keys or your lock only jams.

When it comes to locksmiths, the best advice I ever got is: “Find one before you need one.” Flower, finding a locksmith is not just about browsing the internet for the nearest one in your area. It’s about doing proper background checks to ensure that you don’t fall victim to a scam or simply hire an unskilled impostor.

Here are some tips that you can follow before you settle on any locksmith:

(1 )Check the credentials
Every locksmith has to have a practicing license, a business card and some form of identification. Before you get down to any business, ask for these documents and check to see that the names on all the documents March. Good locksmith also demand to see your documentation make sure the property they are working on is yours.

(2)    Look for customer reviews
Comments from other clients, whether right or wrong, help give you a picture about the quality of work offered by the different locksmiths. This is the best way to give you the best chance of getting a top locksmith.

(3)    He or she has to be based nearby
Most of the times, we need locksmiths in cases of emergency. This is why you need one that is located as near your home or office as possible. This is because you will want him to arrive as quickly as possible. A locksmith who is based far away may also charge you more to cover travel expenses.

(4)    Choose a locksmith who is insured
This gives you peace of mind as you will be compensated in case there are damages arising from the service. It also shows that the locksmith has a professional approach to his business. Flower makes sure that you don’t pay over the odds for this peace of mind.

(5)    Make a telephone call
A business that is professionally run answers calls by mentioning its name of activities. They also have to be able to give you their registered business name. If the information is not forthcoming, move on and look for another locksmith.

(6)    Save his number and address
If you are happy with the service that the locksmith has provided, write down his details as you might need his services in future. If you forget, that information can be found on the invoice or receipt that the issues you with.

(7)    Make sure he charges the same price he quoted over the phone
If this is not the case, don’t allow him to proceed with the work. Fie may have quoted a lower price to win you over, but rules are rules. You should also enquire as to whether there are any additional costs on top of the quoted price.

Locksmiths without the required level of skill will insist on replacing the lock or drilling as a first resort. You have to be careful not to let that happen. A good locksmith has the tools and skills to unlock all kinds of locks unless yours is a high-security lock.


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