Best Wilderness Backpacks

Wilderness backpacking gear is a bag that is used for hiking purposes. Wilderness backpacking gear list include edible material, water, bedspread, shed, garments and cooking kit. As this things are important it is necessary to check on weight to make sure the backpack is not too heavy for the carrier the backpack should not be more than 25% of the person carrying the bag. Wilderness backpacking trips may go for weeks or even months depending on the hikers plan. Wilderness backpacking gear list may sometimes not be big enough and need to be refilled at certain intervals.


Wilderness backpacking gear list may differ in the following ways

  • Gender of the hiker
  • hiking location
  • weather of the hiking location
  • hiking duration

Hiking equipment

1 .Wilderness backpacking gear list may be different according to the gender of the hiker. You will find that men are more masculine than women hence they tend to carry heavier backpacks than women. The best backpacks for men include safety equipment (though both gender are responsible for their safety).

2. Hiking location may be a factor since wilderness backpacking gear list may differ For example if one is visiting the Boreal forest he or she cannot carry the same equipment as the one who is hiking in Mount Logan.

3.Inorder to settle on a hiking location hikers need to run a background check on the location of the so as to consider the best wilderness backpacking gear list.

4.    Another factor includes the duration of which the hikers will be in the wilderness so as to be able to know the right quantity and number of things to carry, since wilderness backpacking list should be well calculated to avoid carrying excess or less items .

5.    Hiking equipment is the major factor when hiking as this will determine the period of which the hikers will be in the wilderness Five factors are considered in the wilderness backpacking gear list :

a)    The best wilderness backpack gear list should begin with a strong backpack preferably something that will not tear easy

b)    water. Hydration is important to good backpacking. As water is quite heavy one needs to have a good hydration plan.

c)    food and proper diet. Proper wilderness gear list requires enough energy for the hiking. It is important for one to consume enough food and proper diet to maintain good health during hiking period.

d)   clothing. Proper clothing and footwear is expected for easy survival.

e)    Preferably a sleeping bag is essential when choosing a proper wilderness backpacking gear list.


A)    Teton-Sports-lnternal-Backpack-Hunter Its features include

1)   This bag weighs about 4.5 pounds when empty

2)   it has an internal packing space of three thousand four hundred cubic inches which makes it unique for wilderness backpacking gear list

3)    it has a double aluminum frame which is custom made to fit your body and has shoulder and waist pads for comfort.

It was rated the best hiking backpack in 2015 in which to me seems like a little overrated as considering its weight may have compromised on its durability

it cost under 70 dollars

B)    TETON-Sports-Explorer-lnternal-Backpack. features include .

1 )weighs 5 pounds when empty.

2) Has a double aluminum interior frame which is adjustable to fit on the hiker's back comfortably.


We can therefore conclude that backpacks are bags which are used for hiking purposes, in the above article we have seen factors which are considered when buying a backpack suitable for wilderness backpacking gear list; Gender of the hiker, hiking location, weather of the hiking location, hiking duration and hiking equipment.

There are many different types of backpacks but in the above article we have looked at two of the best backpacks in 2015 which are considered the best wilderness backpacking gear list

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